Ways to immigrate to Canada with little money
Canada with little money

Ways to immigrate to Canada with little money – Most people’s major immigration challenge is money; if everyone who dreamed of immigrating to Canada had the money, the country should be among the most populated country in the world. The dream of working in Canada, which many people had, could not be actualized because of the amount of money need to process the visa; they can’t afford to pay all the necessary payments.

Moving to Canada is relatively expensive; most times, people have to buy themselves permanent residence by investing in the country’s economy to enable access to the business or investors’ immigration program or scheme. The start-up visa is also used to go into Canada, but this program for people with money and ready to create jobs or invest in the Canadian economy.

There is another easy way to immigrate to Canada, the Express Entry; this allows immigrants with a trade skill to come into Canada to work, but it’s not cheap either because much money will be spent while processing the visa.

The nearly cheap program that allows people into Canada is for those that are self-employed; the people usually under this category are the farmers and the artists, but most immigrants hardly want to engage in this kind of work in Canada.

Ways to immigrate to Canada with little money

Don’t give up your dreams of going into Canada to work; it’s still possible to follow some of the categories that are still available for immigrants who have contact in Canada. These categories include;

  1. Visitor Visa
  2. Study Permit
  3. International Experience Canada IEC
  4. Spousal Sponsorship
  5. Trade Agreements
Ways to immigrate to Canada with little money
Easiest way to come to Canada

Visitor Visa: The best and easiest way to come to Canada without spending much money is by visiting the country; you can visit Canada for some reasons; though while on the visit you cannot work since the visitor’s visa don’t didn’t create room for them to work while on visit in the country. But it gives the visitor an edge since visitors can create relationships with some of the employers who will later offer you jobs that will bring you back to the country.

Study Permit: The Canadian schools are among the best in the world; they allow international students to come into the country to continue that studies, and as a student in Canada, you can work while in school and even after school. In the process, you can process your PR if you wish to remain in the country. After graduation, the Canadian government allows international students to study in Canada to work for a period equal to the number of years spent studying.

International Experience Canada IEC: This allows people between the age of 18 and 35 to come into Canada to work for some time; this program is not open to everyone; it’s only for nationals from specific countries. This program is divided into three parts which are;

  • Holidays workers
  • Young professionals
  • Co-Op

Spousal Sponsorship: This is the cheapest and easiest way of coming into Canada and become a Canadian citizen. Marrying a Canadian citizen is best because it automatically turns you into a citizen of Canada. But it’s a crime if you marry a Canadian citizen to become a citizen; this is a crime punishable by law and can be prosecuted for that.

Trade Agreements:

Chile Jordan Panama

Colombia Liechtenstein Peru

Costa Rica Korea Switzlerand

Iceland Mexico United States of America

Israel Norway Nationals of member countries of the European Union, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the General Agreement on Trades and Services (GATS) plus permanent residents of Australia and New Zealand

This program allows nationals of the above-listed countries who work with companies that have a branch in Canada or have a contract with a Canadian company to come into Canada to work without LMIA.

This program also allows people to come and work in the branch of their company in Canada on work transfer.