We’re not claiming conducting perfect poll in the 2019 election — INEC Chairman

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) administrator, Mahmood Yakubu, has said that the commission isn't asserting flawlessness in the direct of the 2019 general races, focusing on that 'no majority rules system, no discretionary procedure everywhere throughout the world is immaculate'.

In his comments during the post 2019 general decisions survey meeting with Electoral Officers in Abuja yesterday, the commission's manager uncovered that he isn't an amateur in the direct of races, having functioned as a Presiding Officer and as a backer staff during the 1979 general races.

While lauding the temperances of the Electoral Officers, Yakubu stated: "I have dependably had a weakness for EOs. In 1979, 40 years prior, in a general race led over a time of five weeks, and again in 1983, I had the benefit of filling in as a directing official and as a promoter staff.

"Around then outcomes were not reported at surveying units. There were these overwhelming metal boxes that we used to convey to the Local Government secretariats, which was then the checking and gathering Center. Furthermore, it was by then that I encountered the omnipotent EOs.

"Any individual who knows about races realizes that crafted by the commission at the home office is significant. However, very significant is crafted by the commission as the LG level for which the EOs assume the most basic jobs.

Anybody acquainted with the manner in which decisions are directed in Nigeria and has been to the field additionally acknowledges what the EOs experience. You do heaps of things, not simply decision day business. Give us a chance to begin with the Continuous Voter Registration work out.

"In spite of the chances and every one of the challenges, and revolution of focuses, the commission inside a time of year and a half had the option to enlist more than 14 million new voters and gratitude to crafted by the EOs at the LG levels.

"Before we lead decisions, before we conclude on the touchy materials, ideological groups direct primaries, do their gatherings, congresses, and shows, especially for the individuals who select direct primaries, it begins directly from the ward level and the EOs will facilitate these for the commission.

"Arrangement for general races, development of staff, opening of surveying units, coordination of PU exercises on Election Day, turn around coordinations. Every one of these exercises are intensely reliant on the EOs. Anything that anyone is going to state about the lead of races in Nigeria is auxiliary to the sort of data we will get notification from the individuals who genuinely direct races at the dimension that issues at the dimension of the PUs.

"The most significant dimension of decision on Election Day is really the PU, anything that happens from there on is the development of results and examination. In any case, the PU is really where the race happens and the work which you execute as PUs for the commission.

"We have 774 LGAs, implying that we have 774 EOs. One gathering with the EOs just would not do. That is the reason we said we should break this discussion into two stages. We take the initial 19 states, we have more than 380 EOs here and after that we will take the following cluster two days after the fact.

"Where we ought to be reprimanded, I reliably state that companions will scrutinize you, however your adversaries will censure you. Yet, analysis is the reason for making any framework work, no vote based system, no discretionary procedure is impeccable. Each vote based system is work in advancement. In this way, don't hesitate to propose, prompt on every one of the issues identifying with the entire range of leading races. Furthermore, you have the insurance of the executive that whatever you state won't be utilized against you," he said.

Talking prior, executive Planning, Monitoring and Strategy Committee, Mohammed Lecky, said that the gathering was the finishing up some portion of the post race survey from the states, revealing that a complete number of 774 taking an interest EOs from the 36 States of the organization have been separated into two groups of 387 each.

"The survey exercise is meant to comprehensively assess the lead of the 2019 General Elections and learn imperative exercises and furthermore manage the cost of the Commission the chance to audit its strategies and projects during the last General Elections, which would fill in as a guide to 2023 General Elections.

"This procedure is basically a kind of investigation, including distinguishing proof of our qualities, execution, shortcomings or slips, openings missed or taken, just as hindrances, bottlenecks or potentially dangers revealed over every one of the procedures previously, during and the aftermaths since the direct of the 2019 General Elections.

"The Commission is expecting to be extensive in its endeavors to audit every one of the issues associated with the General Elections; from arrangement through execution and its result, thus the survey timetable and calendar of exercises has given to interviews at multi-levels

"The Commission in the course of recent weeks embraced State level audits, in every single State of the organization. All the EOs present at this gathering were a piece of their individual States audit work out. All things considered, as a result of the basic jobs that EOs play in our decisions, it was esteemed it fit to have a progressively engaged dialog with them, with a somewhat adjusted format to burrow further concerning certain issues.

"Also, we feel there's an incentive to be included by blending EOs crosswise over states for them to share encounters and make increasingly powerful proposals emerging from this cross-preparation of encounters and thoughts.

"The present gathering is the one of a two-arrange meeting with the EOs. We have in participation a sum of 387 EOs from 19 States, and throughout the following two days the rest of another 387 EOs will be in participation.

"The layout for the present discourse covers around seven topical territories; going from RAC arrangement and Election day Activities; Logistics; Voter Registration; Recruitment, Trainings and Remuneration of all classes of decision authorities; attention and partners commitment; Election Results Management; and Management of Electoral Processes at the LGA levels, for which the EOs are legitimately capable. Subtleties of these and methodology for consultations will be introduced as a component of the present motivation.

"The Planning, Monitoring and Strategy Committee (PMSC) has the command of the Commission to superintend the Review Exercise in a joint effort with important divisions, incorporating the States in taking the whole procedure of this activity forward," he noted.

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