What to do when your study visa expires

The most essential document required to study in Canada is the study permit, when your study permit expires; what to do when your study visa expires comes into your mind. Thus is challenging for international students in Canada because your study program may not be over yet, and you may need to go back to your country because the only umbrella covering you has expired.

To study in Canada, you need a study permit, and when it expires; what then can you do? That’s why we’re bringing this article to you. Before coming to Canada to study, you’ll need to apply for a study permit; this study permit expires after six months.

Before applying for a study permit, you must have a letter of acceptance from a designated learning institution in Canada; that means you must be offered admission by a government-approved school in Canada. After obtaining your acceptance letter, you can now apply for a study permit; and submit it together with your student visa.

When your study permit expires, you will have to leave Canada; because it will be illegal to remain in the country after the permit has expired.

Your options after your study permit have expired

There are some option open to an international student after the study permit has expired, they are;

  • If you’re done with your study program, apply for a post-graduate work permit
  • Apply for a change of status, and stay in Canada as a visitor
  • Apply for a study permit extension

When can you apply for a study permit?

What to do when your study visa expires
Study permit

Most people will wait till their study permit expires, before applying for an extension; which may not be safe to do as an international student in Canada. You should apply for a study permit extension latest; five weeks before it expires, which will enable them to process your application faster and easier. But when it’s not ready within five weeks of your application, you’ll be given a document to protect you till r application is processed.

Canada allows international students to restore their status 90 days from the day of expiration.

How to apply for an extension

  1. Go to IRCC official website, click on the catch for language inclination
  2. Click on Immigration
  3. Click on Study
  4. Decide how to apply (On paper or online)
  5. Complete the application process
  6. Create your Mycic account; there you’ll upload all your documents
  7. Pay you the processing fee
  8. Submit your application for processing
  9. When you’ve got your study permit extension, transfer a duplicate through your MyHumber account.