When did malaria become synonymous with COVID-19? - Dopeski doubts deadly virus

The African Independence Television (AIT) and Raypower FM owner, has questioned the validity of his coronavirus result.

He disclosed this during while addressing the press in a viral video on Thursday after being discharged.

Mr Dopeski said through out his stay on the sick bed, he was treated with malaria drugs despite the warnings aganist the use of malaria drug chloroquine by the health officials and bodies.

Therefore, the founder of the DARR communications, wondered if coronavirus in real sense exists.

He said that, he doubts in his mind and needs to be educated, the difference between malaria and COVID-19? Every drugs he was given is malaria drug.

A number of patients who tested positive where checked in a well respected labs, hospitals in Abuja and were found to have malaria parasite in their bloodstreams. When did malaria become synonymous to COVID-19? he said

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